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Hey! I'm Alex

  • Passionate about pursuing creative impulses
  • UC Berkeley Alum (Go Bears!)
  • California native lost in France
  • Always learning, always creating

Knowledge and Skills

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • ReactJs
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Authentication
  • NPM / Node
  • Git / GitHub
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Latest Projects

Ladies Code Collective

Landing page for podcast and online community

  • JavaScript ES6, HTML, CSS
  • Interval to switch out the main banner images for slideshow effect
  • Temporary landing page while main site is being built out
  • Email newsletter signup functionality via ConvertKit


App reminding users to stay in touch with loved ones

  • JavaScript ES6, Firebase Firestore & Authentication, HTML, CSS
  • Employs use of timing logic to check current time against user's desired reminder frequency
  • When timer expires, each contact list item turns red with the ability to reset the timer
  • Vanilla JS for front-end, Firebase Firestore as back-end/database

Letters from Nelson

Interactive landing page for an email newsletter

  • JavaScript ES5, HTML, CSS
  • Random idea generated from an array of listed ideas on each click
  • DOM manipulation, separation of concerns using modules and functions
  • Mobile-responsiveness

Dice Game

JavaScript dice game for two players

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Multiple event listeners and functions for rolling the die, holding the score, and initiating a new game state
  • DOM manipulation

Three To-Do's A Day

To-do list with maximum of three items each day

  • This project was created using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • List items render below the input form
  • App only allows for three list items (more than three items will not be accepted)
  • Includes empty state that prompts user to enter item into form


Random off-the-grid travel tip generator

  • This project was created using HTML, CSS, & React
  • When the button is clicked, it randomly generates a budget-friendly travel destination idea.

Port Townsend Eats

Small business web page

  • This project was created using HTML and CSS
  • I was able to practice good use of semantic tags in HTML as well as responsive mobile design.